Saturday, October 27, 2012

Photo of the Day: Let My People Vote

Via The Obama Diary

I have to wonder if the Republican's attempts to suppress voting rights are going to backfire.
Before the supervisor of elections opened the main polling site here in Duval County at 7 a.m., a line of almost 100 people had already formed, snaking its way along the sidewalk of a strip-mall parking lot.

All but three voters in line were black. As they waited, they held hands and prayed.

“Our father, our God,” began the Rev. R.L. Gundy of Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. “Our ancestors paid a dear price to have a right to vote, and we don’t take it for granted. Yet the enemy does all it can to disenfranchise us. God, go with us into these polls and every poll around the country.”

He continued, “We are not fearful. We are not afraid. We will not be turned away.”

And the crowd said a somber “Amen.”

Then, in a more jubilant mood, someone screamed, “Fired up?” And a chant began: “Ready to vote!” “Fired up” … “Ready to vote” …”Fired up” … “Ready to vote” …


  1. I wish President Obama all the luck and blessing one human being deserves in his trying times and to all who care about him.

  2. This just does my heart good to read. Thanks, Smartypants.

  3. In Florida, black churches scramble to get early voters to polls

    We have come too far as a people to let these fools stop us from voting. FOWARD!


  4. We are on the path to winning. Obama has a 2.3% Electoral College lead, meaning that he is up by at least 2.3% in every state that totals up to more than 270. The latest polls show him winning 303 Electoral College votes to Romney's 235. That's a strong win. See the details here - I pulled the data from the right leaning Real Clear Politics... so the actual situation is likely even more positive for Obama.

    "Fired up!"

  5. Good on ya!!!! I hope this so backfires on Republicans. It has gotten ridiculous and it is time to take our country back alright. Back from racists and mysogynists. FORWARD!