Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's not just McCain - someone on the left is feeding the frenzy about Susan Rice

We can all laugh at what a fool Sen. McCain is making of himself with his attacks on Susan Rice. But it looks to me like there are some on the left who would like to feed the flames.

It started with Dana Milbank's column about her. And now today, Maureen Dowd takes a pretty ugly slap as well.

While Republicans are in the process of self-destructing, we don't need this kind of shit on our side. Whoever is doing it and whatever their motives - folks like this should be quietly shown the door.


  1. So you're thinking somebody *in* the administration is feeding this thing too? If that's true, we might be able to take some comfort that the only "left" columnists who're taking the bait have reputations for being gadflies.

    1. p m carpenter suggests its either the Clinton or Kerry camp. Gawd I hope not! But it does feel like there are some pretty heavy political power games going on.

  2. I think that Dowd is in her own camp, truly. Her purpose is to make sure that one of the supposedly left-leaning columns in the Times is worthless. My paranoid streak tells me that she got the job to placate the right, not the left.

    Milbank is awful but he's more dangerous because he has not so thoroughly exposed himself as the tool that he is. I imagine that some of these people flatter themselves that they're showing some kind of independent objectivity when they repeat GOP nonsense.

    Maybe I should stop trying to understand these people and get to work

    This type of thing is dangerous, though, because these types will do things like go on and on about the cost of Obamacare without at the same time comparing it to the cost of health care allocations without Obamacare. They turn people off to beneficial policy through their nonsense.

    1. Right, Bill, Milbank hasn't exposed himself as the tool he is to many, but he has as far as I'm concerned. I noticed him for the tool he is several years ago when I watched him in interviews on MSNBC and by reading some of his articles. He comes across as reasonable, but there's envy of PBO in some of what he writes. He's no friend to this administration, of that much I'm sure.

  3. Since when is Maureen Dowd on the left?

  4. 'Afternoon, Ms. Pants

    Or, they can be shown the door loudly and without ceremony. What we've seen for a while, now, is that PBO doesn't pay them any attention, either. And, he DID say that, if he decides that she is gonna be the nominee, she is GOING to be the nominee.

    And, we did decide that WE want "Obamacare" (I agree about the noise, Bill. But, it's here to stay).

    I pay NO attention to either of them, paticularly Dowd. I have never in all my days seen a woman who is in the position that she is be more fascinated with and more bitter 'cause she can't have it than is Dowd about PBO's penis. She says somethin' about it ALL the time.

    And, if you will, since she can't have none, but Susan Rice can....