Sunday, November 11, 2012

Something you MUST read!

No bells and whistles on this one. I simply want to send you all off to read one of the most beautiful summaries of this election that I've read. Its titled RIP America and just to get you rolling, here's how it starts.
To all who are predicting the imminent doom of our country:

(An open letter.)

You are right. America is done. It would be easy to argue with you, maybe try to calm you in a tender moment of bipartisanship and assure you that the United States of America, as you know it, is safe and sound in the hands of President Obama. But it would also be a lie.

You see, these past four years have been endemic of an America dying and last night’s election was a nail in its coffin. I’ll tell you a damning secret: I fought tooth and nail to kill that America–so reassuring you wouldn’t just be a lie, it would be terribly disingenuous.
Now give yourselves a treat - go read the rest. I guarantee you'll thank me or your money back :-)

P.S. I found that article on my Facebook page (thanks to a tip from the best SIL ever). While I was there, I also found this photo. Thought you'd enjoy it too.



  1. Whose baby is that?


  2. Thank you so, so much for sharing this with your readers, Smartypants! I've been looking at your stuff and it is amazing--I love the story of you re-appropriating your mother's comment from a put-down to a source of pride!

  3. Love the picture! And the piece you mentioned!

  4. Love the picture! And the piece you mentioned!

  5. Nice picture!! I think he doesn't know about his administration.