Thursday, December 27, 2012

Be Ever Wonderful

As a rule, I've avoided joining the chorus of people who always have advice for President Obama. That's not because I think he's perfect. It has more to do with the fact that I feel like I have so much to learn from him. So I have a hard time imagining myself being in the position of giving him advice.

But I'm going to break that tradition today in much the same way that Alice Walker did just after he was first elected President.

More than anything, I value a person who knows their heart and has the strength to share it with others. And so today my advice to the President is to "be ever wonderful...stay as you are."


  1. Great! Thanks for starting my day on a wonderful note. We are beyond fortunate to have Barack Obama as our president.

  2. I love this. It is so appropriate for the man and the woman. Have you shared this CHIPSTICKS at TOD?

    I'll tell them about it.

  3. This a lovely video. I followed a link to your site from TOD, but this is the first time that I have tried to comment. Hope this works; here goes.

  4. This is terrific; thanks and the happiest of holidays to you, smartypants.

  5. SP, thank you for this! Given the fact that he got reelected, I believe he's earned the benefit of the doubt,and the constant 'advice' I find condescending to extreme.



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