Monday, January 21, 2013


I hate to get so mundane on such a wonderful day, but I have a quick announcement to make.

This site has been getting overwhelmed with spam lately. The blogger filter system catches some of it - but not all. Anyway, its a pain in the neck.

So I've changed the comment setting to require a word verification system. It doesn't look like it comes into play if you sign in with an existing account. But please let me know via email (in the "Contact" tab at the top) if you have trouble.

I'm hoping this will discourage the spam-a-lots. I'll turn it off if it presents a problem though.

Thanks for understanding.

And just to keep this from being a total bore, here's a little eye candy.


  1. I had to discontinue the word verification because people posting comments from cell phones told me it was almost impossible to read the verification letters and numbers. I ultimately had to go to comment moderation because of the slimey comments that were being left at my blog.

    At this point, I see no word verification, but that may change when I post this? I'll see and let you know.

  2. Okay. The w.v. popped up when I hit the "publish" button.

    1. Thanks Shaw. I don't get the w.v. - but I suppose that's because I'm the blog administrator. So I didn't know if it would come up for others who are signed in.

      I think I'l leave it for at least a little while. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. But I suspect I'll drop it soon.


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