Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfecting Our Union

History will once again unfold before our eyes today. As we wait for the ceremonies, I can't think help but think of my favorite part of the celebration four years ago.

I'm pretty sure that many people watching weren't aware of the origin of Rev. Lowery's words at the beginning. But some were. They knew that he was marking that historic moment for the significant role it played in our history.

That history moves forward today as we continue the work of perfecting our union.

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  1. This song always leaves me in tears, a 65 year old white lady from Oklahoma. My dad played the piano and this was one of his favorites. I tried to learn to play it, but just didn't have the skill.

    One of my early memories is the White/Colored signs at the bus station when I was about 6. I fancied myself an artist and tried to pull away from my mom--Colored water had to be so much cooler than plain old white water, right?--to get to it, and she wrestling me away from the fountain.

    Thank you for posting this.


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