Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm going to wait for the real thing...meanwhile a "Man Prayer"

One of the things I hate about days like today is everyone trying to pre-empt what President Obama will say in his State of the Union address. But what's even worse is all the people who chose today to tell him what he ought to say. That really chaps my hide.

Take a minute to think about what these folks are doing with all the concern troll advice-giving. Do you really think they want to influence what the President says tonight? If they did, they would have written those columns a month or two ago when he began preparing his speech.

To say - today - what the President should include in his speech has zero to do with actually influencing it and everything to do with propping up the faltering ego of the writer. Afterwards they can either pat themselves on the back for being right or condemn the President for failing to follow their "advice."

So no - I'm not going to waste my time reading any of it. I'll wait for the real thing.

Meanwhile, here is something that caught my eye today...a very powerful video.

In many ways, I think this video captures exactly the kind of man we see in President Obama. It is a direct challenge to what many men and women still cling to from our patriarchal tradition. Folks who can't let go of that tradition constantly suggest that the President needs to "man up." To me, that's simply another call to "take our country back." A big part of riding ourselves of patriarchy means re-defining "manhood." By embodying many aspects of this "Man Prayer," President Obama is showing us the way forward.


  1. The pundits who predict or tell the President what he should say tonight are no different than the experts on ESPN and sports talk radio predicting the score of the Super Bowl and what each team needs to do to win. It's useless noise and basically a sanctioned version of public masturbation.

  2. Thanks, smartypants, for posting this video. It's beautiful. Do you know who is performing the music?