Monday, April 1, 2013

It happens every year






The guy that some people insist is cool, aloof and distant has SKILLS when it comes to the little ones.


  1. After a draining day of hearing all the political noise on cable tv, what a pleasure it is to see these photos and to read your brief comment. It reminds me of two things -- 1) how fortunate we are to have Barack Obama as our president; 2) stop watching cable television.

  2. You have to admit he is pretty damn cool. He's spoiled us. Do you think we can work around the constitution one time to get this man a third term?


    1. If only...

      We can dream, no?

  3. He would make such a great elementary school teacher.

  4. Michelle has taught him well.

    1. Not to diminish Michelle's accomplishments, but I don't think baby whispering can be taught. You either have it or you don't.

    2. Not to contradict you, but I don't think a man who was hardly ever home while his own girls were kids and growing up, just magically figured out how to be sensitive to children.

      By his own admission, Michelle insisted that he had to be there for his daughters and be a better and more hands on father than his was and she practically worked him through it and made sure he did a good job of it.

      Sorry, but Michelle does get all the credit for making him the great father he is today. Go back and look at his early campaign days - he wasn't terribly good with kids and he wasn't much of the hugger he is today. That is all Michelle's influence.

      At some point we've got to all admit that Obama is as flawed and imperfect as the next person and that Michelle did play a major role and had a hand in sharpening some his dull edges and wiping clean his blind spots.

  5. "The guy that some people insist is cool, aloof and distant has SKILLS when it comes to the little ones."

    It's the beltway, particularly media types that promote this nonsense for many reasons:

    1. I think before the election it was just character assassination to turn voters against him. The problem with that is because PBO often goes directly to the people in multiple ways, it's difficult to lie about someone voters feel they already know.

    2. They are desperate to be a part of PBO's inner circle for reasons of vanity, ego, professional scoops and profit.

    3. Extreme jealousy and envy.

    4. They want to destroy him but PBO does not allow an opening for their treachery.

    5. They, just for once, would like to sit at the cool kid's table.

    6. They are used to politicians who bullsh*t with them, stroke their egos, making them feel more important than they are and PBO shows them daily that not only are they not important, they aren't even good enough at their jobs to warrant his attention.

  6. Someone once spoke of kids having good instincts and being able to tell who's fer reals and who's full of crap. Between the Beltway Media Types and Barack Hussein Obama I think even we know who is who.

  7. Just a quick note of thanks! I come to this site for a cool drink of water! The behavior of media,repugs, libertarians, leftists, emprogs, et al makes my skin itch but worse brings a feeling dis-empowerment!
    So thanks for the rescue! I never dreamed racism could rise to this level in the United States of America.