Sunday, May 19, 2013

Deal with it!

I'm going to talk some more about President Obama's speech at Morehouse later. Suffice it for now to say that it was clear that his passion came from feeling "at home" with that group of powerful young black men and the entire Morehouse tradition.

In a perfect display of exactly how that unnerves some people, here's Drudge's headline today.

You got that right Drudge. And even though he never actually uttered the words you chose to put in quotes, today was a magnificent celebration of THE BLACK MAN THAT IS OUR with it!


  1. That website is so well-named.

  2. all those positive Black men today at Morehouse just scares folks.

  3. It was a remarkable speech... heartfelt and inspiring.

  4. I cannot wait for your article on the speech. But lord, have mercy, Tim Wise thinks he can lecture the president about " bullying from the pulpit".

    Does Mr. Wise really think he can speak for me. Everything the president said, and I do mean EVERYTHING he said has been said by my parents, grandparents, teachers, and by me to my students and sons and grandson. Over and over again. Coming from our president made the warnings, ADMONITIONS, encouragement and prodding even more potent. And Mr. Wise wants to tell me that the president is bullying the MOREHOUSE men!?! WTH?

    Some of the comments at Field Negro were equally putrid, though. Stupidity and cynicism are apparently equal opportunity employers.

  5. If Obama troubles them that much they need to hear some of what I've heard over the years. The 21st century is going to suck for them. At least they'll have the Internet.


    1. There are still plenty of folks in this country who still hate the idea of a black president. Given their druthers, the most they can deal with is Al Jolson wearing black face, singing "Mammy."