Friday, May 31, 2013

From too spineless to too stubborn

OMG...for years folks have been screaming that President Obama is "spineless" because he "caves" to Republicans all the time.

But now that its the media's ox getting gored over the leaks investigations, apparently President Obama is too "stubborn."
Stubbornness in the defense of being right is no vice, Obama could rightly note looking back on his political career and most of his time in the White House.

And yet, Obama’s stubbornness regarding the ongoing controversy surrounding the Department of Justice and, in particular, Attorney General Eric Holder may not be his best strategy...

The mentality is simple: We are not going to cave to what political Washington demands because political Washington is often (always?) wrong.
You're right. President Obama is not going to "cave" to your whinny (white) asses when it comes to AG Eric Holder. And he shouldn't.

These folks have NEVER understood this President. And its looking increasingly likely that they never will.


  1. I wish the media would just "call a spade a spade" and call Obama and Holder "Uppity Bougie Negroes". I think the MSM don't think Black and Brown people can't take a hint - these great (mostly white) thinkers want everyone to believe that the Black guy doesn't know what he's doing and has 'risen above his station'.

  2. Just saw Barney Frank on The Charlie Rose Show. Here are his exact words about critics on the left: "They luxuriate in the purity of their irrelevance."

  3. Trouble is that these privileged people who couldn't find their way out to survive if they did not have stuff just given to them, have the nerve. If these two black men were not overly sufficiently qualified, they would not have been in those positions. They had to be a million times brighter than the smartest privileged man to hold their jobs. And these men-children know it all too well.

    1. May I tweet this, please? Thanks in advance.