Thursday, May 23, 2013

President Obama's base won't desert him

Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for Public Opinion to Turn Against Obama:
The president has a base of loyalists that won't quit...

Given the noise level on Capitol Hill, cable TV, and social media, Obama's 50 percent-plus showings in recent polls from CNN, Pew, and ABC/Washington Post seem somewhat surprising. But two veteran political pollsters, one from each party, say that Obama can expect to maintain his standing as long as there's no evidence that he was involved in the two big furors of the moment...

Republican Bill McInturff and Democrat Stan Greenberg agree that Obama is in a relatively strong position short of "a real set of facts that implicates the president," as Greenberg put it. The reasons include Obama's steadfast coalition of blacks, Latinos, and young people...

The president's core base has kept his approval rating in the mid-40s or higher through the five years of his presidency, McInturff says, and won't desert him.
You bettcha!!!


  1. You mean his base isn't upper middle class white academics? How will he survive?

    1. Actually, many in the TV media are actually in show business with the salaries to match or exceed many tv and film actors. If I didn't care about Matt Damon's critique of the President doing the hardest job in the world, I don't care about the beltway crowd's opinion. The president received 65,899,660 votes. He is not up for re-election, so let the news spokemodels eat cake. The television and radio media has always been sponsored by advertisers. They have to keep their ratings up or lose their jobs. I read the U.S. edition of Reuters and Bloomberg online to get my news and keep my blood pressure down.

  2. The other thing about Obama's critics on the left is that he could do their job better than they could do his.

  3. It's not just blacks, latinos, and youngsters who have Obama's back. Plenty of us middle aged white folk are neither insane nor evil. We see what the GOP's tea party is about. Don't doubt it for a second.