Thursday, May 9, 2013

What is the case against immigration reform?

Today the Senate starts committee hearings on immigration reform. I will guarantee you that lots of people will be blowing smoke about this one. But is there any actual fire? Lets look at the facts.

The Social Security Administration said that immigration reform will be a net gain for the trust fund. And studies show that granting legal status and citizenship to undocumented workers will grow the economy, create jobs and increase tax revenue.

BUT - say the Republicans - "we have to secure our borders!" Notice that this always refers to securing our southern border with Mexico. Not even the lunatic Republican caucus is suggesting that we need a fence along our border with Canada.

The truth is that over the last few years, net migration from Mexico has been zero.

So if there really aren't any hordes rushing to cross the border and granting citizenship to those that are already here would boost our economy - then what's the fuss all about?

Same thing it always is...fear of "the brown" and opposition to anything that black guy in the White House supports.

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