Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let's get the story straight about why Sen. Grassley's phone isn't ringing

Apparently Senator Chuck Grassley has had his fee-fees hurt because he wasn't included in President Obama's "charm offensive.
Sen. Chuck Grassley, a pivotal deal-maker in Congress, said Tuesday that he has not received a phone call from President Obama in four years.
He wants to pretend like his phone stopped ringing back in August 5, 2009 when he told the President that he would not be willing to vote for health care reform.

I'd suggest that it was something that happened a week later when he spoke at a town hall meeting in Iowa. But first, a little back ground. Back in the summer of 2009, Democrats were working hard on getting people like Grassley and/or Senator Olympia Snowe to sign on to health care reform. Grassley was acting like he was open to the idea.

Perhaps you'll remember what happened to those negotiations when legislators went home for a break in August of 2009. We might call it "tea party summer." Senator Grassley marked the end of any potential negotiations by embracing their nonsense about "death panels." In other words, he knew better and he lied to appease the lunatics.

Sorry Senator Grassley, you proved yourself to be a spineless turncoat. That's why your phone isn't ringing these days.



    I think Iowa democrats should send him home to cry in his pillow. It seems he can't accept the consequences of his decisions. Welcome to real life Mr Senator.


    1. It looks kinda weird to see "Senator" and "real life" in the same sentence.

    2. Maybe Grassley's phone had to be disconnected because of the sequestration cuts.