Saturday, July 13, 2013

Best Snowden/Greenwald/Assange Analogies: We Report...You Decide (updated)

Hanging out on twitter I noticed a trend. Lots of people are coming up with analogies for the happenings in the Snowden/Greenwald/Assange affairs over the last couple of days (here's the latest in case you missed it). I thought it would be fun to compile some of them - for posterity sake of course :-)

So which one works best for you?

UPDATE: I'm going to add one of my own.

I'll leave it for you to decide who is Natasha and who is Boris.


  1. "Nice country you got here. Shame if something were to happen to it."

  2. Wikileaks has played everyone in this. It wasn't Tattaglia, it was Barzini all along.

    Although these guys also remind me of the terrorists in Die Hard. Assange is Hans Gruber, Snowden is the high tech wizard and Greenwald is Gruber's thug brother (minus the muscles, but same lack of wit). And everyone hanging out on Twitter is John McClain, methodically taking them down.

  3. Those two ain't wrapped too tight. Greenwald can't really be this stupid. Oh well. He missed the train when being antiestablishment was cool. Just be glad you're not Greenwald or any of his unpaid flunkies. How's Snowden going to look in prison? "I used to date strippers and made over $200,000 a year to sit on my ass." Yeah, he's pretty damn stupid.

  4. Cleavon Little as the sheriff in Blazing Saddles, pointing his gun at himself in a bogus hostage standoff in front of the shocked townsfolk, was hilarious. With these clowns, it's fun to watch them shoot themselves in the foot.

  5. ::Scratching Head:: Don't Russian and China already have all the intel? What more damage can he do? North Korea isn't smart enough to know what to do with it. Who's left? The Iranians?

  6. Pox on Yea who misses the point. The feds are taking everything you have and do. If you let them distract you with sno-burger, you lose. He is A plant.

    They PLAY you with the side show, you are no more than a circus schmoo being done by a CARNY.

    This is a 'free' country, get all over your elected reps and sens, scream bloody murder, you are losing your country right now.
    the fascists are taking over.

  7. I'll give you my own - Greenwalt: "Leave the gun take the cannoli"

  8. So, if I really am an enemy of the U.S., my next move is to murder Snowden.