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The scent of desperation

As we watch the Republicans in states like North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Texas attempt to pass draconian bills affecting things like women's right to chose and citizen's access to the ballot, I can't help but say that I smell a sense of desperation. Its almost as if they know they are a dying beast and are in a hurry to do as much damage as possible prior to their demise.

They're right.

Take a look at this chart put together by Nate Silver just a couple of days after the 2012 election showing the size of the lead for Obama and Romney in each state. Notice the states where the election was the closest...Virginia, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina. Texas was quite a bit farther into Romney territory. But in 2005, Texas became the 4th state in the country where whites are a minority. Its just a matter of time there.

All 5 of these states will be flipping to solid blue over the next decade. We still have to fight every one of these encroachments as they surface because they profoundly affect the very real lives of people here and now. But unless/until Republicans change their ways, this overreach is only going to hasten their demise with a ferocious backlash.

P.S. To further things along, I hope you'll join me today in contributing to Battleground Texas and the North Carolina NAACP (sponsor of the Moral Monday Movement).


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