Monday, July 15, 2013

This seems important

Back in 2008, the NSA wanted Yahoo to participate in what we are now calling the "PRISM" program. Yahoo challenged that in the FISA Court and lost.

When the Snowden revelations were made public, Yahoo requested that the court release the documents from that 2008 case and today the FISA Court agreed to do so. This is only the second time it its history that the court has released information about their proceedings.

In his interview with Charlie Rose, President Obama said this:
What I’ve asked the intelligence community to do is see how much of this we can declassify without further compromising the program, number one. And they are in that process of doing so now so that everything that I’m describing to you today, people, the public, newspapers, etc., can look at because frankly, if people are making judgments just based on these slides that have been leaked, they’re not getting the complete story.
And so while Glenn Greenwald talks endlessly about himself and Snowden - all while wailing about how no one is talking about the surveillance issues involved - we see President Obama taking step one in making good on his promise.

Anyone notice?...Anyone paying attention?


  1. I'm afraid many pundits & journos (like Kevin Drum) will credit Snowden for forcing the President's hand
    on this. The best they seem to do is hear what Obama says, but rarely listen.

    1. It takes a mature secure person - like PBO - to be able to say both that Snowden deserves to be prosecuted, but yes, we can talk about this. He's not threatened by the admission.