Sunday, July 7, 2013

Words of wisdom from Majora Carter

If you don't know who Majora Carter is, you might want to watch this clip of a conversation between she and Pete Seeger.

I'd like to highlight some very wise things she said in response to a couple of questions in this interview.
Q. In your experience, what have you learned about how to make a change?

A. Don’t surround yourself with people who “want to make a change.” Listen to everyday Americans to hear their concerns and aspirations. Don’t spend too much time in “activist” circles. Many of them are not in touch with the realities facing most people and, at worst, they romanticize poverty and are always trying to preserve it some way. Having grown up in poverty myself, I can tell you: not very romantic.

Families, small businesses, public school teachers, the elderly can all be invaluable in determining where to spend your energy and how to shape messages that work...

Q. Who inspires you?

A. Anyone who is looking at their problems as chances to move ahead and not get mired in a victim mentality.
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Ms. Carter was echoing something Al Giordano pointed out a few years ago about the difference between "activists" and "organizers." Its also something @allanbauer tweeted about powerfully today.

Thanks to all three of you for the reminder!

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  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the allanbauer storify. So cool.