Friday, August 30, 2013

In the meantime...progress

As we've all been consumed with what President Obama will do in Syria, this administration is making some serious progress in other areas. For example:

President Obama took executive action to close gun purchase loopholes.

The IRS will recognize all gay marriages.

HHS announced that Medicare benefits will be extended to same-sex couples.

In yet another step to end the "war on drugs," Attorney General Eric Holder gave a green light to state measures legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

But yeah, to some folks, Obama is just like Bush. LOL


  1. Thanks for that! The past couple days have been a real downer. Even though I question the timing of some of these announcements, they help to keep the faith, ya know?

  2. Thanks for stating facts. People have not heard anything good about PBO from the MSM for the most part.


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