Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Those were the days"

It certainly feels like our politics have become more polarized and ugly lately. But I have this almost automatic cynicism that kicks in whenever there is an assumption about the "good old days" when things were better. Then along comes something like this to confirm that cynicism. Its the transcript from one of the Nixon tapes...just a little chat in the Oval Office between criminal conspriators about the TV show "All in the Family."
Nixon: CBS came on with a movie. They had two magnificent handsome guys, and a stupid old fellow in it. They were glorifying homosexuality!

Ehrlichman: Was that a panel, sir?

Nixon: Hell no, it was a movie!

Haldeman: No, that’s a regular show, it’s on every week. And usually it’s just set in the guy’s home. It’s usually just that guy, who’s a hardhat.

Nixon: That’s right, he’s a hard hat.

Ehrlichman: And he always just looks like a slob.

Nixon: Looks like Jackie Gleason.

Haldeman: And then he has this hippie son-in-law. And, uh, usually the general trend of it is to downgrade him, and upgrade…

Nixon: Upgrade the hippie son-in-law.

Haldeman: Make the square hardhat to be bad.

Ehrlichman: What’s it called, I’ve never seen it.

Nixon: Archie is the guy’s name.

Ehrlichman: Now that’s real family entertainment, isn’t it?

Nixon: The point that I make is that goddamit, I do not think that you glorify, on public television, homosexuality! You ever see what happened, you know what happened to the Greeks? Homosexuality destroyed them. Aristotle was a homo, we all know that. So was Socrates.

Ehrlichman: But he never had the influence that television has.

Nixon: The last six Roman emperors were fags. You see, homosexuality, immorality in general, these are the enemies of strong societies. That’s why the communists and the left-wingers are pushing it. They’re trying to destroy us.
Yep, that's a former POTUS sounding exactly like a current tea bagger.  I'll take a pass on those that want to opine that "those were the days."

Thus has it ever been ;-)


  1. Superb Saturday morning it!!!!

  2. As a screenwriter, I wish I could make up dialogue this good. Nixon's still the one!

  3. Nixon was a dumbass. Plato and Aristotle didn't have the influence that television does? Where did they get this guy? All in the Family was a bad sign? There's no ho hope for that party.

    I'm more of a 'kids today don't know how good they got it' type. In my day, we had to pay for porn. Now you can just type a web address and get whatever you're into. I think Mark Twain said don't let people lie about the past. Things are better today.


  4. OK, someone has to explain this to me - where did homosexuality enter in "All in the family" ? I am a native of Amsterdam - I do not have any problem with homosexuality at all, but please .... "All in the family".

    If it were there, it was so hidden none of my friends ever discovered it.

    1. There was an episode where Archie had a friend that was gay but Archie was oblivious because the friend wasn't stereotypical. Nobody that beats Archie arm wrestling can be gay. The show wasn't that serious. Nixon makes it sound like the episode was a gay pride parade.

      I'm not an All in the Family connoisseur. I saw it a few months ago. Nixon seeing two magnificent handsome guys is a little different. If he were here today it's possible he could have a Larry Craig type incident. I'm not saying that's the case, but he is republican. You have to keep an eye on those anti gay GOPers.

    2. Thanks - must have missed that episode (certainly remember anything like that). Perhaps they can repeat it on Memorable Entertainment Television the next time I'm in Las Vegas for the Fortran Standardization Committee meeting :-)

      Thanks a lot - without your explanation Nixon's rant just hung into mid-air without any visible support (OK, perhaps that is not all to surprising).