Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I'm working on

I just wanted to leave a short note that I've been using all my free time lately trying to learn as much as I can about the conflicts related to the internet, hacking, piracy, privacy, surveillance, etc. I think this is the bigger picture that is behind much of the outcry lately about the NSA. Pretty soon I'll write something about what I'm seeing. If you have thoughts about this or links to interesting articles, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Is my tinfoil hat on too tight or are we looking at possible paid agitators here?

  2. Hi Smarty... I'm very annoyed with increasing numbers of people (including Facebook friends) who are jumping onto the "Both Parties are the same" and "Obama has let us down" bandwagon. I'm finding more and more posts on previously Dem-leaning pages and sites that are of the same kind.

    I haven't trusted Snowden or Greenwald from the first I heard about them, particularly when I heard that they both have "libertarian" backgrounds. I am also wondering if there are agitators here.. agitators from the extreme right.. who are intentionally trying to "peel off" the liberal/progressive elements of those who lean Dem, hoping that they will stay home as they did in 2010. In 2010 they were "mad at Obama" about single payer or the public option in the health care bill; now they are "disappointed" due to the whole NSA mess.

    I'm glad that we as a country are now looking at the NSA/privacy situation, but blaming this on Obama is absurd.

    I welcome your investigation.

    1. I've been googling about looking for stuff about Greenwald and his relationship to the Kochs and/or other uber-right groups. I am wondering if this whole NSA fiasco is Koch funded.. if all of the players are Koch funded, perhaps some don't even realize it.

    2. Another interesting article if you haven't seen it.. though none of these articles provide any real kind of proof about who Greenwald is or any specific connection between him and Cato. He is described as a "useful idiot" to the Kochs.

      From the article:

      "It is an informal convergence of interests that makes Greenwald their proverbial useful idiot who helps to drive the narratives that they want to see driven. Just as far and as fast as he can drive them. And since he creates more disaffected progressives with every article he writes; people who often shriek that they are "done with voting","done with democrats," and "done with false hopes and promises," he is helping to drive the American Left right over a cliff and straight into the waiting arms of the quasi-fascist, quasi-theocratic plutocratic elites like the Koch family. The very forces of darkness who have spent at least 75 years trying to become the true fascist authoritarians that Greenwald professes to fear. Revealingly, he almost never actually writes about those fears, choosing instead to write passionately in favor of things like the Citizens United ruling on electioneering, which actually serve to stoke the causes of those fears. Handsomely."