Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reality check

These guys just won the Superbowl...

...while this ad aired.

The next day, Vanity Fair released their latest cover photo of Hollywood's biggest stars...
...and lets not forget that all that happened while this family occupies the White House.
Any surprise that the racists are going a bit nuts?


  1. Welcome to America the Beautiful!

  2. 'Any surprise that the racists are going a bit nuts?'

    None. They are so wonderfully predictable, after all.

  3. I was thinking the same thing! My daughter, her friend and I watched "The Gabby Douglas Story" on Lifetime this weekend. I was thinking about how there is no arena in which folks of color are not participating and succeeding these days.

  4. Maybe it was just because I was depressed by how the Broncos played, but I just could not fathom that anybody would have the cojones to get upset at a multi-lingual, multi-cultural rendition of America the Beautiful. I mean, who would be so stupid as to demonstrate their ignorance, narrow-mindedness and ethnocentrism - if not outright racism - for the world to see. But by golly they went there. I was stunned.

  5. I must say I'm disappointed in the RWNJ's inability to hold 2 simultaneous rage-gasms over Super Bowl ads. Where was the outrage over the new Cheerios ad, daggone it? Was there some secret "Rage-Off" vote held and Coke won?


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