Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"A Concise History of Black-White Relations in the U.S."

Given the recent revival of old tropes like "lazy black men" and "happy slaves," I think its time to review some U.S. history. We can do that concisely in six frames.

Nuff said.


  1. Hi SP
    Perfect political cartooning!! Wish I were clever like that, Im not! The TGOP are not so much masters of distortion/lies as our responses are so ineffectual & spineless. Of course, TGOP would like nothing better than "angry Black man" mantel to beat PBO. Wonder why WE (progressives) cannot simply support this Prez? Isnt he entitled to his appointments without NRA monitoring his choices and 10 Dems supporting NRA's position!? Is that an outrage or what?

  2. There is no credit attached to the cartoon identifying the cartoonist who came up with this -- it's probably been floating around as viral content without attribution (since the artist didn't sign it for some reason). I know the cartoonist personally, so figure I should speak up and say that this cartoon is by Barry Deutsch. Here is his blog with other political cartoons: http://amptoons.com/blog/2007/06/13/a-concise-history-of-black-white-relations-in-the-usa-2/


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