Friday, March 28, 2014

Speaking of heros...

I've just got to drop this one in here:
The NAACP has dedicated this final full week of March to celebrating women who put their lives on the line for justice. In doing so, these courageous, brilliant, revolutionary women shook the world and reshaped the United States.

Women like liberation activist and internationalist, Vicki Ama Garvin, Black Panther Party leaders; Ericka Huggins, Kathleen Cleaver and Elaine Brown, and lawyer, activist, civil rights advocate, and feminist Florynce Kennedy.

Yesterday, they honored...
Denise Oliver Velez - applied cultural anthropologist, writer and revolutionary--was a part of the Young Lord's Party, which rallied a crew of women that fought for open enrollment in the City Colleges of New York, for the formation of Puerto Rican Studies Programs and bi-lingual education in grade schools.
I am honored and humbled to be able to call Denise a friend. She has more passion, intelligence, heart and soul than anyone I have ever met. And every time I listen to her talk or read what she has written, I'm guaranteed to learn something.

Si Se Puede to you friend!!!!!!!

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