Monday, May 5, 2014

STFU Tucker Carlson!

I need to comment about this from Tucker Carlson. Its ugly!

The reason I feel the need to say something is because one of the people I love most in this world was sexually abused by a teacher and hearing things like this has been a pretty regular experience for him. I can say unequivocally that Tucker is wrong - there IS a victim here.

The truth is that girls fantasize about their teachers too. For me, it was my 7th grade home room teacher, Mr. Sterling. But I don't think anyone would have held me accountable if he had sexually assaulted me. Why? BECAUSE I WAS A CHILD! Having a penis instead of a vagina doesn't change that.

We should have learned a long time ago that rape and sexual assault are not about sex - they are about the abuse of power. Anytime someone uses their power over another person (be it age/size/status) for sexual purposes, that is abuse. Its why incest is so devastating. To take the power given to us by the love/admiration/trust of a child and twist it for sexual favors is always a despicable form of manipulation.

I'll grant that boys are more likely to be sexually aroused by this kind of attention. But that is nothing more than a physical response. Emotionally the message is, "I have power over you!" In some ways this can be even harder for boys to deal with - precisely because their bodies reacted. It often takes years to sort it out: how can I be sexually aroused and enraged by the manipulation at the same time?

So what I need to say is "STFU Tucker Carlson!" and anyone else that wants to suggest that ANY child - boy or girl - enjoys being sexually exploited by an adult. That's just sick!

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  1. Has Tucker Carlson ever been right on anything?


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