Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chuck Todd is finally embarrassed I see that Chuck Todd is finally embarrassed by Washington because of all the impeachment talk. I have a few questions for Mr. Todd:
  • Were you embarrassed by the fact that our first African American President was required to produce a birth certificate?
  • Were you embarrassed when Rep. Joe Wilson shouted "You lie" to President Obama during a SOTU speech?
  • Were you embarrassed when the Republicans decided that 60 votes were required to pass ANYTHING in the Senate?
  • Were you embarrassed when a Vice Presidential candidate claimed that Barack Obama "palled around with terrorists?"
  • Were you embarrassed when Republicans made up the lie about death panels in Obamacare?
  • Were you embarrassed when the Republicans held the global economy hostage over raising the debt ceiling?
  • Were you embarrassed when the Republicans shut the government down in an attempt to repeal Obamacare?
  • Were you embarrassed when Republicans politicized the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi?
  • Were you embarrassed when Republicans called President Obama an unconstitutional tyrant?
If none of those things embarrassed you as an American who happens to be a political journalist, then you're an idiot! Chuck Todd - you are an embarrassment to your profession.


  1. Amen.
    I, too, embarrassed --- of Chuck Todd.
    He's been around this shit for the past 5 years, blaming Obama for things the GOP has been doing, wringing his hands wondering why HE can't work with them, being privy to their motive of not doing anything to help him and then ultimately declaring his presidency "over". But now...? No he's embarrassed over the impeachment talk??? The same talk they've been saying over and over the last 4 years???

    F.U., Chuck. F.U.

  2. Chuck Todd is not a journalist. He is some kind of back-office numbers cruncher who was promoted, in a flaming example of the Peter Principle, because American network "news" is no longer a source of real reporting. He is a public embarrassment.

    1. Chuck Turd is a disgrace. He willingly spreads lies and contributes to the "mainsliming" of hatred and polarization.

      And I apologize to turds everywhere, for unlike Chuck they perform a vital function in maintaining the health of organisms.

  3. The only reason he's "embarrassed" is because it's hurting the Republicans and helping the Democrats. He wants it to stop until after the General Election to help his buddies. He's not really and truly embarrassed; that's a ploy to try to shame the Dems into stopping exploiting it. Frankly, I'm feeling more than a little schadenfreude right now.

    1. Todd is RW hack. It's really hard to live a lie without some of the truth coming out from time to time. Over the years he's let that cover slip more than once. His "reporting" is bias. If fact, he is stenographer for the Republican Party - and not even a good one at that.

      These so-called pundits (because they're not journalists) are paid actors. The are wholly owned by their corporate masters and they dare not move too far away from the approved script. I say, turn the TV off and lets get our info from blogs such as this one!

  4. He should also be embarrassed of this hit piece by someone who's apparently jealous of Howard Kurtz and Ed Henry:

    The People's View takes him to task:

    1. Spandan's article was a masterpiece. Also, please read Jim Write over at - - Excellent, IMO!

  5. Chuck Todd is a paid RW shill with no credibility whatsoever. Why is he on TV?

  6. Chuck Todd is a paid RW shill with no credibility whatsoever. Why is he on TV?

  7. The late Tim Russert would be both appalled and embarrassed by Chuck's lack of journalistic integrity.

  8. You hit the nail on the head! We have Chuckie slide in an amazing way! No integrity, no substance, no legitimacy, effort to be truthful, etc. etc.


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