Saturday, November 22, 2014

More good news

Regular readers here might want to take a look at the Political Animal blog at The Washington Monthly. You might recognize a new writer there.

Just saying...



  1. Wow, Nancy, you and Booman commenting on the same page. It's just fantastic!
    -- Lydia

  2. Congrats! They're lucky to have you. Well done!

  3. Saweet! Well deserved, too.

  4. They are wondering:" who IS this Nancy LeTourneau person"?? Indeed, they should know what a number of us have known for years, now.
    I look forward to your lettin' them find out :-).
    GOOD on ya, again!

  5. Congratulations, Nancy. I made my usual stop at Political Animal & started reading "Understanding the Threat of a Confederate Insurgency" and I thought "I've read this before". So I scrolled down & saw your name & had a real ah ha moment. They are lucky to have you. Some of the best writing on the internet happens here. Thanks.

  6. Congratulations Nancy, couldn;'t have happened to better person & writer. Wooot!!