Monday, December 29, 2014

Photo of the Day: All Grown Up

A lot of people have been talking about how President Obama has aged during his tenure in the White House. But the dramatic change has come elsewhere. Take a look at the family on election night November 2008.

Now take a look at them this month at the annual Christmas in Washington celebration.

Yes, the President has aged. But Malia and Sasha...OH MY!!!!


  1. It's a beautiful, loving family, and watching the young women grow has been a pleasure. Yes, the president is more gray, but he still looks as young in face and feature as in 2008. That, I think, is the hallmark of someone at peace with his values even in the midst of historic crises and calamities. He is, at the core of his person, a man of depth and reflection, and that shines from his face daily. He's growing older. He's not aging. There is a difference, and it's born from depth of heart and mind.

  2. They're all just so strikingly attractive -- full of intelligence, vitality, sheer physical beauty, and best of all, integrity. I continue to love and respect our President, and to enjoy the whole family.