Friday, January 16, 2015

A Schadenfreude Moment

As Republicans try to figure out how to fund the Department of Homeland Security, they seem to be running into a bit of a problem.
Mitch McConnell is telling colleagues that he needs six Democrats to get the 60 votes he needs to overcome the Democratic blockade. The reporting out there indicates that this isn’t going to happen. And on top of that, the Hill notes, a handful of Republican Senators (presumably ones up for reelection in Obama states who don’t want to vote for deporting the DREAMers) might also oppose the House GOP measure.
The scenario of leadership having to organize a super-majority to get anything passed in the Senate while their "base" makes unreasonable demands and moderates threaten to jump ship is one we've seen before. Perhaps Sen. McConnell should have a little sit-down with Sen. Reid and President Obama to get some pointers.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to enjoy the schadenfreude moment :-)


  1. Tsk, you mean Mitch's own tactics have come back to bite him on the ass? Who would have thought? Just about everyone who isn't a Republican!

  2. Can we rename the thing while we're at it?

  3. So he's *not* changing the rules? That's all kind of goodness.