Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quick Take

From Lloyd Grove on David Axelrod's book Believer:
President Obama despises Maureen Dowd — absolutely loathes the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist. He’s annoyed by Mitt Romney. And the president’s messaging guru and top gun, David Axelrod, has little regard for Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s erstwhile chief strategist.
I would call that being a GREAT judge of character.


  1. All wise calls by the President. Maureen Dowd acts eternally like a 12-year-old who is mad at a popular boy to whom she is attracted who doesn't like her back. Her columns are embarrassing to read in their hyper-personalization. She has nothing to say and a top-rated paper in which not to say it. Mitt has been equally annoying, and we've know about his profound immaturity for at least three years. Penn I don't know, but if the President is irked by him, I'm willing to give Penn the benefit of the doubt meaning I already doubt he has anything to contribute to our political discourse. Good insights, Mr. President. Very good indeed.

  2. Mark Penn is sleaze of the lowest sort. Yes, our President has very good judgment. He's no fan of Netanyahu or Putin either, in case we needed more proof.