Thursday, February 5, 2015

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

Hat tip to @TheObamaDiary for this reminder:

To commemorate, I'd invite you to revisit something I wrote back in Nov. 2008 titled: Obama's Previous Gig as President. If pundits had taken a look at this information, they might have been better at their jobs these last six years. The man has been breathtakingly consistent.

But my favorite quote comes from an interview Tammerlin Drummond conducted with Barack Obama in 1990, not long after he was first elected to be the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.
The post, considered the highest honor a student can attain at Harvard Law School, almost always leads to a coveted clerkship with the U.S. Supreme Court after graduation and a lucrative offer from the law firm of one's choice.

Yet Obama, who has gone deep into debt to meet the $25,000-a-year cost of a Harvard Law School education, has left many in disbelief by asserting that he wants neither.

"One of the luxuries of going to Harvard Law School is it means you can take risks in your life," Obama said recently. "You can try to do things to improve society and still land on your feet. That's what a Harvard education should buy-enough confidence and security to pursue your dreams and give something back."

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  1. "The man has been breathtakingly consistent."

    Yes, he has!! Simply Awesome.