Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When President Obama Was Wrong

I have always promised myself that I'd call President Obama out when he was wrong about something. And so I'm going to follow through on that promise today. Here he is being patently wrong:

He may not be as youthful as he was when he became president. But he's every bit as attractive (inside and out).


P.S. He's also still got a great sense of humor!


  1. Yes, he certainly is. And does. For which I continue to love and admire and enjoy and respect him.

  2. You (along with PBO) made me smile, SP.

    And since I've stuck my nose into comments - something I rarely do - 'Thanks for the thoughtfulness you bring to the work you do here daily.' Generally I retweet your efforts, rather than commenting. ~vc

  3. I SO agree - older, of course (a good thing, IMHO) but always attractive, growing more so day by day. Thanks for calling him out when he is wrong.