Monday, March 23, 2015

Blurring the Lines

Remember that time Maureen Dowd wondered why President Obama couldn't be more like the president Michael Douglas played in the movie The American President? And remember when President Obama's response was to point at her during the White House Correspondent's Dinner and laugh?

Well...I've got some material for the President's next comedy routine. Apparently the pollsters at Reuters/IPSOS have a bit too much time on their hands because they recently decided that it would be worth it to find out how President Obama's popularity stacks up against his television counterparts in pretend-world.

Seriously. I'm not talking about fake pollsters at Comedy Central. Reuters (supposedly a serious news outfit) really invested time and money to find out whether fake presidents are more popular than a real president.

I was reminded that John Stewart tends to react negatively when people compare him to real journalists. Even though he often packs more actual news into segments than the serious people do. And so I wonder when its time to start comparing journalists to comedians...even if what they produce isn't funny at all.


  1. Heh goalpost moving. They know he's better than real presidents, so they move to fiction in order to gin up an Obama loss.

  2. I SO wanted Jeb Bartlett for president. I got him. PBO is that person in reality.

  3. So people like a fictitious character who reads a script written by another person more than the real person, POTUS, who deals with real problems every day? Yup. That sounds exactly like the America I'm living in these days.

    "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

    1. That's the same problem the Right has in extolling the virtues of Rambo and Chuck Norris - they cannot seem to grasp the idea that scripted outcomes are not real. We are dealing with very immature people on all sides who think theater IS reality, and they pout when real life doesn't measure up. And there's no background music...


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