Saturday, March 21, 2015

GOP Projection

Sen. Marco Rubio:
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says that if elected president, he would "absolutely" defy stalwart European allies if necessary in order to revoke an Iranian nuclear deal he might inherit from President Barack Obama.
Sen. Lindsay Graham:
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned Thursday that he would slash U.S. funding to the United Nations if the body decides to lift its sanctions on Iran as part of a nuclear agreement.
Sen. Tom Cotton:
Cotton, apparently unbowed by the outcry over his recent open letter to Iranian leaders, introduced a bill on Wednesday that would cut U.S. funding to countries that receive former Guantanamo detainees who are later suspected of terrorism.
Yep. These are leaders of the same Party that says President Obama has caused the United States to lose the trust and confidence of our allies. At what point have we demonstrated that about 99% of what they complain about is simply projection?


  1. It may or may not be projection -- I don't pretend to fully understand the psychology underlying their mania for attacking and rejecting anything they associate with Obama, regardless of the merits. But it is clear evidence of unfitness to hold power.

    I used to think that the main reasons for working to prevent a Republican President in 2016 were the risk of another economic crash due to the right wing's non-reality-based policies, and the prospect of more Scalia-like troglodytes on the Supreme Court. It's now clear that there's another, even more important reason: we have a responsibility to the rest of the world. Rubio and Graham are running for President and Cotton is a rising star in the party because of his antics. Giving such men control of US foreign policy would turn the US into a rogue state, and a fantastically dangerous one due to our great military power. Millions of innocent lives, in the Middle East and who knows where else, would be endangered. We'll be judged as a people for what we do to make sure lunatics like these don't get into a position to act on their delusions. If that means we have to vote for less-than-perfect Democrats, so be it. The alternative is madness and catastrophe.

    1. One of my most profound political memories was hanging out on the Sorry Everybody website after the 2004 election. I NEVER want to experience that again!!!

  2. the typical Republican candidate, whether it be the three highlighted above or any others, has one goal. Get Elected. To that end they will say whatever necessary. Add to that the fact many of them are ignorant of the basic tenets of foreign policy and domestic policy, and you end up where we are now.......potentially electing a person willing to do anything to get/stay in office.


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