Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Photo of the Day: Supergirls

President Barack Obama made some waves and warned the robots at the White House Science Fair on Monday, but it was the elementary-school Supergirls who captured his science-loving heart. Wearing red capes over their Girl Scout uniforms, the 6-year-olds from Tulsa, Oklahoma, showed off a page-turning robot, made from Lego blocks and designed for use by disabled people. Later, Obama confessed he was tickled by the kids' command of techno-lingo. "This is a quote. They said, 'It's just a prototype,'" he recalled.


  1. The love...love...love....this interaction he had with the child scientists...i so loved when they asked him if he had ever brainstormed and what did he come up with...

    i love how the President is not afraid to show his heart....

  2. Group hug! Did you notice one of the little girls patted him on the back during the group hug? POTUS looked like he was having a wonderful time. He was in his element....science and the creative youngsters.

  3. I saw a whole video segment on his time with the Supergirls. He's clearly delighted with them, with what they've done, and the opportunity to interact with them. They're pretty casual about it all, which is perfectly normal. And can anyone tell me why my beloved President isn't wearing his wedding ring these days???

    1. I looked up the issue of the ring. Apparently this isn't the first time,so conspiracy theorists say it's for Ramadan (not on right now), to take the inscription to Allah off (not true either), or something something. I suspect like a lot of men he takes it off when he washes or bathes and forgets to put it back on. Means NOTHING since it's happened before, and in recent Souza photos, he has it. He's a guy. What more can we say?

    2. Thanks for checking. Don't know why it bothered me so, but it did. Basketball is also a likely factor.


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