Friday, March 20, 2015

Quick Take

I promise that I'm not going to waste my time commenting on every stupid thing a Republican candidate for 2016 says. But now and then, when one of them says something really ignorant, I might go with a quick take(down). Such is the case today with Sen. Marco Rubio.
If there are differences, they need to be dealt with privately, like you do with other allies. And more than anything else, they deserve to be treated with more respect, not less than the respect this President and this White House is giving the Supreme Leader of Iran. For he would not dare say the things about the Supreme Leader of Iran now that he is saying about the Prime Minister of Israel because he wouldn’t want to endanger his peace deal or his arms deal that he’s working out with them.
When President Obama proposes to unite the world to impose global sanctions on Israel until they give up their nuclear weapons, perhaps we can talk about some kind of equivalency with Iran. In the meantime, your ignorance is showing, Sen. Rubio.

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