Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My New Hero: Karim Wasfi

Here's the story:
On Monday, three car bombs shattered the peace in Baghdad, killing at least 19 people. One of the most deadly of these attacks took place in the upscale district of Mansour, according to Reuters. Yet this area also witnessed one of the day's most powerful displays of resilience.

Famed Iraqi maestro Karim Wasfi set a chair and a cello on the spot of the bombing and began to play. He gathered an awed crowd with his elegiac playing that sent a message to terrorists that they can't suppress the human spirit...

He's also held unpublicized concerts as a means to keep Iraqi music and culture alive against threats of the Islamic State group, which forbids music. "If anyone from any sect bets against gatherings like this one, they'll lose the bet," Wasfi said, addressing an audience at one such concert, according to NPR.
Wasfi shows the same courage on behalf of human resilience that was demonstrated by The Cellist of Sarajevo. These are the kinds of people that keep my hope for humanity alive!

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