Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oh, this is rich!

President Obama didn't want Congress to weigh in on the potential deal with Iran until after negotiations with his administration and the P5+1 countries were completed in June. But since so many Democrats joined Republicans in wanting to do so, he worked with them on legislation he could live with.

Today, Senators Rubio and Cotton gummed up the works with poison pill amendments so much that some are doubtful whether or not anything will actually pass.

Let me remind you, that's Senator Rubio - the one who says that President Obama isn't being aggressive enough with ISIS because he's afraid to alienate Iran - the sworn enemy of ISIS. He's also the one who admitted that his own idea on what to do about Iran's nuclear weapons program - pull out of the negotiations and unilaterally re-impose sanctions - wouldn't be effective.

And of course, Senator Cotton is the one who skated as close to the line of treason one can get without crossing over. He opposes ANY deal with Iran and thinks war over their nuclear program would be a breeze.

Who knows if Senate Majority Leader McConnell can muscle these lunatics into line over the weekend. If not, I can just imagine Speaker John Boehner saying, "Welcome to my world, McConnell" as he sips his bourbon.

Meanwhile, President Obama will simply say..."Please proceed, Senators Rubio and Cotton."


  1. Sometimes you don't have to DO anything, because gravity will take care of it for you.

  2. Rubio's statement is astounding. It's literally equivalent to a politician during World War II accusing FDR of not being aggressive enough toward Japan because he didn't want to alienate China. He's surely disqualified himself from being President -- and certainly disqualified himself from lecturing Obama on foreign policy.

    It's no wonder these dingbats can't even manage to do political sabotage properly.