Monday, May 4, 2015

I'll Be Waiting Over Here, Greta

Greta Van Susteran unleashed some anger on Facebook.
And what do I read tonight? Others coming out and critical of anyone using a word that they now claim to be wrong. I am talking about the word thug. Wrong word, really? Thug is now a word I can't use to call those who set cars on fire, throw rocks at police and burn down senior centers? Really? I would call ANYONE, with any ethnic background a thug who throws rocks at police and sets cars on fire (and yes, I would call a police officer or a lawyer or anyone else who beats up an innocent person a thug, too.)...We need people to work on real problems -- not people running around telling everyone what to say and implying they are racists when they are not.
OK Greta, I'll just sit over here and wait for that time that you call someone other than a black man (gawd forbid, a police officer) a "thug." But you know what? Given my survival instinct, I'm not going to hold my breath.

Personally, I think Greta has every right to use the word "thug." Of course I also have the right to point out that she uses it selectively, demonstrating a racist intent. And if, after pointing that out, she continues to use it selectively, I have the right to call what she says "racist." That's how free speech works.

1 comment:

  1. We white folks instituted the "if I don't say n* then it's not racist" rule decades ago - and then proceeded to develop a zillion other ways to be racist.

    Getting called out for this use of thug is a direct attack on that rule. Hence it must be defended because we white folks love being racist.

    Hence, greta.