Friday, May 20, 2011

Outta Your Mind

What could be better on a Friday night than a Black hip-hopper and an Asian ballet dancer knocking it out to "Get outta your mind?"


  1. I REALLY enjoyed that - Thanks! :-)

  2. Mo'nin', Ms. Pants

    It is quite good to know that, in these "End Times", I am going to continue to have your company.

    As I watched this really EXcellent presentation, I had this thought...paraphrasing the immortal Jules Feiffer....

    A Dance...................for Bibi Netanyahu

  3. Mornin' VC and Mr. Blackman!!!!

    Isn't that one fun??

    I'm always intrigued by the way art can relay a message so much more powerfully than words.

    But I never made that connection to Bibi.

    Very profound...and timely!!!!

  4. Thank ya, kindly, Ms. Pants.

    My thinking, as I watched this, is that you have a non-traditional pairing doing a non-traditional approach. It was not easy at ALL, I would believe, to meld these approaches. But, through a lot of hard work, it was done and respect is given to both traditions.

    And, if they had not gotten outta their minds, it NEVER would have worked. And, work it does.

    Just leaped out at me.

    Sometimes, a great notion....

  5. You know, sometimes you just love something like this and never bother to take the time to understand why.

    But you just put it beautifully.

    And perhaps you were already there, but it just struck me that its also about "getting outta YOUR mind" in being open to someone else's.