Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow...he plans to go BIG! (updated x3)

Dan Pfeiffer just tweeted:

POTUS has requested a Joint Session of Congress at 8 PM on 9/7 to lay out his plan to create jobs, grow the economy, and reduce the deficit

I believe the last time he did this (other than regular SOTU speeches) was when health care reform was stuck in Congress.

To me, this means he's going all out on this one. And he's already let the Republicans know that if they block his proposals, he takes them on the campaign trail.

What's even more interesting is that this is the same night of the MSNBC GOP Presidential debate. I highly doubt that is a mistake.

UPDATE: Oh snap! At the press briefing today Jay Carney said that its up to NBC to decide what to do about their scheduled debate.

UPDATE 2: I can't tell you how much this announcement energizes me! For the last couple of weeks I feel like I've been sitting on my hands while the media trips over everything these nutjob Republican candidates say and the poutragers...well, while they do what they do - poutrage about the President.

He's done this so many times now you'd think they'd get used to it. I knew something was coming and you just have to sit back and wait for him to make his move.

Every time he does this, I'm reminded of my favorite video.

Update 3: Ruh-roh, Rusty has a problem with Wednesday, can we make it Thursday? And yeah, its just a coincidence that Thursday is the NFL season opener. LOL

I'd suggest you might want to duck Rusty. You're about to get "crushed."


  1. ebogan63 here.

    I just *love* it when Carney layeth the smacketh down on the WH Press Corps. I believe the WH sees an opening to put a full court press on the Repub, since they have conceded a bit with their jobs plan.

  2. I hope you're right. Certainly the public will be more interested in hearing a high-profile jobs plan than another round of watching the Republican B-listers denouncing evolution and taxes as Satanic.

  3. Excellent.
    And if Carney ever divorces, I will FedEx him my phone number. I absolutely adore him and love that he's the WH Press Secretary.

    Jobs are way more important than that elephant and pony show debate.

    Great job, President Obama! I'm sure the GOP will be pissed, which makes me like this move more.

  4. I'm not going to predict WHAT he will say. I know for many on the left, not matter what it is, it will not be enough.

    But he's taking charge of the conversation after the Republican candidates have made absolute fools of themselves and creating a buzz that says this topic of job creation is important.

    I can't wait to see Speaker Boehner have to sit on his hands during the speech instead of standing up and clapping when the President proposes things we KNOW the majority of people want to hear.

  5. LOL Hi Smartypants,that video is one of my favorites of PBO.

    Go ahead suckas; make my day!

    PBO got took down the Clinton Machinery, won the presidency and is now using the spare parts...He has always been BIG in my book. LOL