Monday, November 14, 2011

Newtmentum (updated)

Its official...Newtmentum has arrived. Of course, I hate to say "I told you so"...but I did.

Public Policy Polling is just one of the firms documenting Newtmentum, but Jed Lewison takes their information today and shows us the trends.


Jed also shares this thought, which sounds very similar to something I said a few days ago about Cain/Gingrich being the next "not-Romney."

So the big question is whether nor not we're about to see a scenario where there are two Not Romneys atop the field.

One other troubling item if you loath Newt Gingrich as much as I do is that CNN's poll released today also shows him holding the highest net favorable rating among Republicans - by a long shot.

Gingrich: +40
Romney: +28
Cain: +16
Bachmann: +8
Paul: +8
Santorum: +8
Perry: +6
Huntsman: -3

Folks who so casually dismissed Gingrich fail to recognize the depths to which both he and the Republican base have fallen into the insanity.

Update: A TPM reader explains (in "Newt-speak" no less) that this particular not-Romney will be very different from the others.

It strikes me that Newt’s rise in the polls is, to borrow a Newtism, fundamentally, unlike those experienced at other times during this Presidential nomination process. Newt Gingrich is decidedly not like Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain. Sure, he’s got these enormous flaws in his personal life that may very well render him just as or nearly as unelectable as some of these other GOP trend candidates, but I would argue that Newt is the only candidate positioned to mount any kind of challenge to Mitt Romney.

I concur. From a diagnostic perspective, sociopaths are very different from your garden variety nut-case.


  1. Newt, the new republican flavor of the month. He was sanctioned by the House for ethics violations and fined $300,000. He resigned as Speaker of the House. Then he quit in mid-term. If he gets the nomination, he should pick Palin as his vice presidential candidate. The republicans would then have a ticket of two quitters -- a matching set of idiots.

  2. I'm of the opinion that God likes President Obama. I would love to have Gingrich running against me.


  3. Jerry and Vic - I agree that Gingrich wouldn't be much of an opponent.

    But for me its like having a mouthy Dick Cheney running for me the creeps!

  4. PLUUUUUUUUUUSSSS, we'd have to look as Scary Barbie™ for however long. Not something I'm looking forward to at all. Ew.

    I think he timed this perfectly. There are only 7 weeks until the Iowa Caucuses and most of that time is devoted to Holidays. No one seems to be making a splash in Iowa, so why not Newt? Huckabee won in '08, so it's not exactly going to determine much except make Romney look weak.