Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Which candidate has the best ground game in Iowa?

Yep, you guessed right..its these guys.

The Obama campaign is touting what it says is already a superior ground operation in Iowa, saying the offices and thousands of volunteer hours it already has up and running in the state are a sign that it’s better prepared for the general election than the other side.

The numbers are indeed stark. While no Republican candidate has more than one campaign office in Iowa, the Obama campaign has eight offices open across the state.

What has all that manpower done since April, when the reelect kicked off? Some stats from the Obama campaign in Iowa:

• Held over 1,000 trainings, planning sessions, house parties, and phone banks.
• Made over 250,000 calls to supporters.
• Held over 2,500 one-on-one conversations.
• Opened eight campaign offices across the state for the November 2012 election- Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Des Moines, Waterloo, Davenport, Iowa City, Dubuque and Council Bluffs.

And its not just Iowa.

At a briefing with reporters Tuesday morning in Washington, top strategists for the president touted their organization in Iowa and the rest of the nation.

“I think we have more staffers on the ground in Iowa than any of the other campaigns do right now,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said. “We have structure on the ground in all the key states — I don’t think any of [the Republicans] do.”

So Mitt can rely on all the TV advertising that Karl Rove's American Crossroads can buy and Newt can rely on all the talking heads at Faux News and talk radio. Our Community-Organizer-In-Chief will build his efforts on the most valuable resource out there...the person-to-person kind.

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  1. And Newt just lost his Iowa campaign manager for calling Mormons a "cult".