Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is your head spinning yet?

It was interesting yesterday watching the GOP frontrunners in the nomination to be President of the United States go after each other about who profited more from soaking and playing to the 1%. I guess the gloves have come off, haven't they?

But that's nothing compared to what is happening between the "thought leaders" in the Republican Party. As I wrote about the other day, first you have Glenn Beck accusing the tea partiers of being racist for supporting Gingrich over Obama. And now Andrew Breitbart (warning: wingnut link) responds by calling Beck a "coward" and a "snake" as well as saying he "played the race card." All while Michael Savage offers to pay Gingrich $1 million to get out of the race.

Fun to watch, huh? But what's a wingnut to do? Their heads must be spinning trying to figure out which "leader" to follow.

And then there's the so-called "War on Christmas." The right has been apoplectic about this for years...that is, until the Obama's start to celebrate the holiday. Then all of the sudden its extravagance.

My first thought when I read about this "controversy" was the same one James Joyner mentioned about it.

...the notion that the best thing one can do during a bad economy is to cut back on spending is remarkably counterproductive. If anything, the Obamas should be laying on more Christmas trees–and so should the rest of those fortunate to have jobs. That’s, after all, how people who sell and transport trees and ornaments put food on their tables. The last thing they need is for people to start cutting back in some bizarre show of solidarity.

I guess I'll just write it off to the fact that the wingnuts just don't have a clue about the economy. Its either that or the "Kenyan in the White House" thing. LOL

Finally, on a more serious note, there's the head-spinning that is produced from reading everything from Michael Tomasky pontificating about a possible Obama landslide to USA Today/Gallup suggesting he's loosing the all-important swing states.

What are we to make of all that? I don't know. For me its just another reason we should remember what Michelle said.

If we keep showing up, if we keep fighting the good fight and doing what we know is right, then eventually we will get there.

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  1. DailyKos actually has a really good diary up regarding the USA Today/Gallup poll. Be careful not to inhale any DK fumes while you're there: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/12/13/1044846/-Did-Gallup-Catch-Gallup-in-a-Big-Fat-Lie?via=search