Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It was a good day to be an Obamabot!

First there were the Iowa caucus results.

Think about it. Ron Paul’s going to spend the next two or three months attacking Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum’s going to spend the next two or three months claiming he’s the real conservative, not Mitt Romney. And Newt Gingrich is going to spend the next six months, or six years, getting his revenge by calling Mitt Romney a liar, or worse. And the longer they direct their fire at each other, the better it is for the Obama campaign.

Meanwhile, President Obama can focus on doing his job as president — fighting for tax cuts for the middle class — while his campaign continues to snare and squirrel away campaign cash for their big battle in November against Bain Capital.

Good for Barack Obama. He was one of the big winners in Iowa, without even campaigning.

Then came McCain's endorsement of Romney, which was clumsily timed to coincide with President Obama's speech in Ohio.

I LOVE what Jed Lewison did with this one.

And now you know Mitt Romney's answer to the question: "Where were you when President Obama was appointing the nation's first consumer watchdog?" The answer: getting the endorsement of the guy who Obama beat the last time around.

And finally, there were those recess appointments...Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and 3 members to the NLRB. Of course all of that was followed by Republican hissy fits (always fun to watch!)

Greg Sargent summed up the results very well.

Obama’s decision to do this in such a high profile way may swing the spotlight back towards his ongoing push for the middle class, which the White House hopes to contrast with ongoing GOP primary infighting. The outcry from Republicans will draw more attention to their role as defenders of financial institutions against consumers. In keeping with the new “we can’t wait” for Congress strategy, Obama seems determined to demonstrate a willingness to take whatever steps are necessary to circumvent it and to exercise power unilaterally on behalf of the economy and the middle class.

Game On!!!!

Oh yeah, I'm lovin' being an Obamabot today.



  1. Milkshakes were taken and drunk on this day by Barack Obama

  2. Question: do you have an opinion about Obama's appointment of Kagan to the Supreme Court?

  3. This is just the beginning of the year. Wait until the campaign commercials come out. There's the repeal "Omamacare" talking point. There's the agreement with Paul Ryan's dumbass budget. You have all of the mean things they said about our Hispanic brothers and sisters. The funny thing is that the Republican candidates made the POTUS' campaign commercials for him. I can only hope the teatards go quietly into the night and sustain themselves with potted meat and honey buns.