Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Romney can't hide

Yesterday President Obama announced his support for extending the tax cuts for the middle class. Beyond just being good policy, its good politics right now because it plays to the Democrat's advantage...specifics.

We've already established that Romney's only hope of not completely fracturing the Republican Party is to obfuscate on the specifics. We saw that most recently with his response to President Obama's announcement about the DREAMers.

But in addition, we know that on almost every issue, the majority of Americans agree with President Obama. Of course that is true of his position on tax cuts.

The result is that it puts Romney in an untenable position...he has to not only get specific in response, he has to toe the Republican line that is in opposition to the majority of Americans.

Let's remember that right now Romney is behind in this race. I'd suggest that he's already ginned up whatever advantage he has on the poor performance of the economy. At some point you have to ask what else he's got (that's what many in the Republican establishment have been doing lately). Talking about tax cuts for rich people and fewer regulations on corporate American is not going to cut it. The public has rejected the Republican approach to foreign policy and the culture war issues are losers.

So what's Romney got? Nuthin'!! He can run from that, but he can't hide.

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