Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tomasky goes there: Its the electoral college babee!

Today Michael Tomasky says what I've been saying all along.
There’s a secret lurking behind everything you’re reading about the upcoming election, a secret that all political insiders know—or should—but few are talking about, most likely because it takes the drama out of the whole business. The secret is the electoral college, and the fact is that the more you look at it, the more you come to conclude that Mitt Romney has to draw an inside straight like you’ve never ever seen in a movie to win this thing. This is especially true now that it seems as if Pennsylvania isn’t really up for grabs. Romney’s paths to 270 are few...

Obama can lose the big Eastern four—Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida: all of ’em!—and still be reelected.

And barring some huge cataclysm, he’s not losing all four of those states...

Sure, something big could happen to alter the dynamic completely. But we’ve watched these guys go, what, six or seven rounds now (out of 15). After seven rounds, you can pretty well tell some things. All the supposedly game-changing events of the last few weeks haven’t changed much of anything. This is a paradoxical situation that has little or no modern precedent, which makes it hard for people to accept. Liberals are too nervous to think it, reporters too intent on a “down to the wire” narrative, and conservatives too furious and disbelieving, but it’s shaping up to be true: An extremely close election that on election night itself stands a surprisingly good chance of being not that close at all.
No matter which forecaster you look at - Nate Silver, Huffington PostElectoral Vote, or Real Clear Politics - they all say the same thing. If the election were held today, it would be Obama 332 to Romney 206. And its been that way for weeks now. What has all that money from Adelson and Rove accomplished...not one damn thing!

Happy Birthday Mr. President!


  1. SP, I wish some liberal commenters that I see on other blogs would read this, and stop with the '46 percent of people will still vote for a Repub, the race will be close' nonsense, as if the election is about the popular vote. It has always been about getting 270 to win.


  2. As the election gets closer, it gets harder and harder to ignore reality. :)