Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Working!

According to Nate Silver's now-cast - if the election were held today - President Obama would have a 95.6% chance of winning.

So whatever you're doing, KEEP IT UP...its working! Remember, we don't just want to win this thing, we want to win it BIG and send those Teapublicans packing.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25th, is National Voter Registration Day. If you or anyone you know is not registered, be sure to get it done. The Obama campaign has given us this great tool - so use it.


  1. OT: Does this scare you? I'm not sure what to make of it.

    1. It takes work, effort and a lot of time to perform the type social engineering these guys are attempting. They are too lazy and not really a smart as they'd like you to think.

      If they WERE really good, you'd never hear of the effort until it was successful. This is more rich people posturing.

      In the long run, the only thing does is piss people off and re-inforce the "R's against the people" meme.

    2. What you're just described is the fatal flaw of the monied elite. They always behave this way when it comes to trying to either stop or create any type of social and political change.

      The same thing happened during Prohibition. The monied elite knew that the Temperance movement could be a problem, but lacked the ability to do constructively do anything about it. They had all of this money and not much else. That's why when the 18th Amendment passed, it shocked them. Not only did this Amendment passed, but it passed much faster than anticipated.

      But, when Prohibition was repealed, it took the monied elite AND real grassroot efforts. You would think that they would have learned from all of this. Nope. Even "astroturfing" is a lame substitute for real grassroot effort.

      Money, but itself, can not do anything in the political arena. It's amazing to me how so many wealthy businessmen on the Republican side get involved in politics and still don't get that.

    3. This is all well and good, but aren't the True the Vote people deadly serious about preventing minorities from voting at the precinct level? I've read that it is an article of faith with these people that the only reason the President won is because Black voters cheated. These people are deranged and motivated and need to be taken as a serious threat to people's ability to vote. The True the Vote folks only plan to target minority precincts. Or is what I read last week (sorry I can't find a link) just propaganda?

    4. Tien, believe it or not, this is not the first time we've had this wave across America. My first experience with it was in the mid-'60s. I must admit that this is a far more organized and wilful bunch, but (and this is a BIG but) most of the people who will actually be DOING this stuff really do believe the lies of the RightWing leadership.

      They are in for a surprise when they "true the vote" and find out that it's already TRUE. Nothing can shake up a true believer like reality whacking them with a two-by-four.

      The RW batshitcrazy believers in massive personal voter fraud have dug their own graves. I got news for them, having a an old fat white man watch you vote is NOT like having the cops watch you vote. I'm not saying its fun, harmless or won't have some effect. But trust me, its not the cops.

      Once again, the stupidity of the right is that they believe their own press.

    5. Thank you. That helps. Looking forward to the day when more of the country adopts vote-by-mail. It is easier, cheaper for the States, and eliminates opportunities to harass and intimidate.


  2. Ms. Pants,

    You might wish to get a look at this:

    The answer to voter ID suppression: GET GRANNY A GUN!!!