Monday, September 10, 2012

"The question isn't whether we can win this, it's whether we can win this big"

You just know that there is some kind of amazing karmic realignment going on in the universe when I am moved to write that I totally 100% agree with what Markos said today.
We're winning.

Now I know lots of liberals simply can't handle winning. Some of us would rather worry about Republicans stealing the election, or the Koch brothers, or nonsense about being 10 points down yadda yadda yadda. Flush that crap out of your system.

Instead, get a strut in your step and go for the electoral kill. We need to work hard to cement Obama's gains, demoralize the opposition, and run up the score in House and Senate races. The filibuster will be transformed, giving us a better Senate. Any House with Nancy Pelosi in charge will be infinitely better than the one run by the weepy orange guy.

The question isn't whether we can win this, it's whether we can win this big. Let's do it!
Yeah, what he said!



  1. I believe it was the bear hug that did it. Trying to keep up with Romney's given me a headache. You know I had to find another song for my feelings. I dedicate this one to the Romney/Ryan team. It's another classic.


  2. And this is the best antidote to the danger of complacency which came up a few threads ago. Even if we think Obama's re-election is in the bag, we can make him more effective by giving him such a crushing popular-vote majority that McConnell and obstructionists like him will be cowed. Take back the House, enlarge the Senate majority, and throw a real scare into the Republicans.

    Then watch stuff get done.