Sunday, September 30, 2012

Talking Smack

For those of you who - like me - were not born with the competitive gene, here's a little reminder of the lengths President Obama goes to challenge himself on the basketball court.
A dozen players were warming up. I recognized Arne Duncan, the former captain of the Harvard basketball team and current secretary of education. Apart from him and a couple of disturbingly large and athletic guys in their 40s, everyone appeared to be roughly 28 years old, roughly six and a half feet tall, and the possessor of a 30-inch vertical leap. It was not a normal pickup basketball game; it was a group of serious basketball players who come together three or four times each week. Obama joins when he can. “How many of you played in college?” I asked the only player even close to my height. “All of us,” he replied cheerfully and said he’d played point guard at Florida State. “Most everyone played pro too—except for the president.” Not in the N.B.A., he added, but in Europe and Asia...

Obama was 20 or more years older than most of them, and probably not as physically gifted, though it was hard to say because of the age differences. No one held back, no one deferred. Guys on his team dribbled past him and ignored the fact he was wide open. When he drives through the streets, crowds part, but when he drives to the basket large, hostile men slide over to cut him off. It’s revealing that he would seek out a game like this but even more that others would give it to him: no one watching would have been able to guess which guy was president. As a player on the other team, who must have outweighed Obama by a hundred pounds, backed the president of the United States down and knocked the crap out of him, all for the sake of a single layup, I leaned over to the former Florida State point guard.

“No one seems to be taking it easy on him,” I said.

“If you take it easy on him, you’re not invited back,” he explained.
With that kind of mentality, you think its going to shake up the President that a Romney spokesman talked a little smack about the debates on the Sunday shows this morning? Or that they leaked the idea that they're developing zingers to try to throw him off his game?


One of the most entertaining aspects of being an Obama observer is watching people mistake his calm cool demeanor for weakness or cowardice. They usually never know what hit them ;-)


  1. A long time ago (about '78) I wrote a paper to finish requirements for a course in linguistics. It was the linguistics of violence.

    Turns out, most linguistic societies that consider loudness to be a marker of violence are closer to poverty (think trailer park) than those who consider extreme quietness as a marker of impending violence (think Rease on Person of Interest).

    It has been my observation that loudmouths expressing violence usually get the shit kicked out of them when confronted by quiet violence. Probably because quietness strikes first.

    This president gets quiet when he's pissed. Mittens gets loud.

    where's my popcorn flavoured ice cream ....

  2. What happened to the strategy of making stronger arguments than your opponent? If he hasn't snapped by now, it's time give it up. What's wrong with taking this guy seriously?

    I posted that on ABL's site last night.


    1. I don't understand your point. Which HE are you talking about?

      All the videos are of Obama. He's been thru the kitchen more than once and never snapped yet. Nobody expects him to now.

      Romney has already snapped over inconsequential bs. bet 10K, grab someones shoulder, "let me talk", "I never ask you a question" and more. Anyone of these is going to put him in a negative light. He needs a devastating win.

      He ain't getting it.

    2. I was talkiging about the president. You have to beat him the old fashioned way. Obama has too much self control to go off. The man's patience is almost inhuman.

      Romney could barely beat Rick Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum. I remember him putting his hands on people's shoulders, $10,000 bets, and his lie about hiring "illegals" unknowingly. "I'm running for office for Pete's sake." It's obvious this guy doesn't have a chance. We already know our media is going to talk about some line helping Romney out. Romney's too weak to be president. He doesn't have the mind or the strength of character necessary to do a decent job in that chair. Romney exposes his sorry assedness daily.