Monday, September 10, 2012

Remember "I got 98% of what I wanted?"

Immediately after the deal was reached on the debt ceiling crisis that the Republicans in Congress created, Speaker John Boehner puffed out his chest and said he'd "gotten 98% of what he wanted."

The entire Republican establishment and way too many people on the left bought the braggadocio. Here's their current Vice-Presidential candidate joining in on all that with Sean Hannity.

Funny how now that their "take no prisoners" approach to avoiding a compromise led to automatic cuts to defense spending, they think our memories will be so short that they can try to blame the whole mess on President Obama.

Sorry Mr's Romney, Ryan and Boehner...we remember. You asked for this, you got it, and then you bragged about getting it.

Yeah, the truth is that you got your clock's cleaned by a superior negotiator. But its too late to start whining about that now.


  1. I remember that day well. I laughed to myself when I heard Bohner say that. What got me was that they agreed to it. I started feeling like I might be smarter than the average person. I'll say I'm sharper than the average pundit. Everything the president has been doing up to that point made sense to me. It's how you act when you're in the center of Jane Elliott's classroom(an outsider president is not exempt). I noticed the majority of critics to the president's approach are white, well off, and have never held public office. The GOP that the community organizer is dealing with is pretty damn stupid and they can't govern. They're going to pay for this long after 2012 elections.


  2. That dumb assed plan the republicans agreed to has given the president a strong negotiating hand. I don't see the GOP losing the senate. And I see them losing some seats in the house with the remaining tea billies being isolated. There is not going to be a veto proof majority. Harry Reid has finally smartened up about the filibuster and there will be changes during the lame duck session. Even if the GOP keeps the house circumstances will force them to play ball. People aren't going to be too patient with Boehner when they'll see him responsible for the tax hikes. I see them ready to negotiate and give the president a bit of what he's been asking for.

    I remember hearing PBO talking about the tax breaks that oil companies get. He say's he'd like to use that to invest in green energy. I don't see the repubs putting up a fight when Obama's going to have the people on his side. Not bad for junior senator from Chicago.


  3. SP I distinctly remember how you deciphered the President's hand. You helped me see the real deal while TanMan Boehner was crowing and Cleaver was on CNN disrespecting the President!

    It is wonderful watching the Repub/traitors squirm now. I bet the President has smiled briefly.